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Well another spectacular product from apple is the brand new 3G ipod. This is 5G video ipod and it comes in an attractive Nano-thin shell. The number of users is increasing day by day as this attractive ipod attracts many towards it with its exciting features. It comes with an ultra thin body and a look like a sports product. It is tall as well. It comes with a rounded back cover which gives a warm new look to the ipod and it gives a feel that ipod is thinner.

iPod 3G

iPod 3G

Screen is made as quite a big one in this model when compared to other models. Touch screen present is quite amazing and it gives a wonderful experience to use it. iPod 3G is smooth and quite easy to handle it. Screen resolution is also on the higher note like 204 pixels per inch. So this gives you a bright and sharp picture. This model also comes with an option to play photos and all other multimedia options. You can even play your favorite videos. You will definitely shoot a question all the ipod models can play these multimedia files? So what is special in this? Yes, it has something special. This model supports all possible formats i.e. it can play all kind of video and audio files. Do you think cost would be higher for this ipod? Definitely no. you can avail this unbelievable ipod for very less cost.

We can redefine the word thin and can say as a wafer. Yes this iPod 3G is as thin as a wafer.

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