4 Generation iPod Nano Accessibility

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What not can a user get in the latest embodiment of technology, the Ipod nano. The Apple iPod Accessibility options are amazing and cannot be compared with any other gadget. The new iPod nano with the 4th generation edition is the world’s most trendy music player that introduces verbal menus that accede to visually challenged music lovers to browse and decide on songs just devoid of viewing the screen. As an alternative, one would listen to a synthesized voice telling the options of menus, artists and songs.

When one connects the New 4th Generation iPod nano to the computer or Mac with iTunes 9 one will find a new selection in the iTunes to “facilitate spoken menus for ease of understanding.” When one syncs, the iTunes 9 creates verbal metaphors for the options of the iPod nano with the text-to-speech enhancing engine on the computer with windows Xp, Mac OS X, and Windows Vista and also syncs it to the iPod nano along with the favorite music. In Mac, one can decide from an assortment of natural-sounding and fresh voices, the remarkable new language speaking voice existing in Mac OS. Using original Apple speech technology, it matches the sounds of human speech and thus delivers the natural modulation even at extremely fast speaking paces.

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