Apple iPod Shuffle 2Gb

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Well it is definitely not possible for a company to get into the ipod market and dominate it now. One main reason for this statement is Apple. Yes apple ipod has gained that much importance and good name among the ipod users. Apple dominates the market with its 3rd generation ipod and with admirable technical developments. An added model to the list is that Apple ipod shuffle 2GB. When compared to other models available on the market Apple ipod shuffle 2GB is slightly on the higher note than others.

iPod Shuffle 2gb
This iPod Shuffle 2gb attracts many because of its simplicity and a durable exterior layer. Exterior is made up of aluminum and it withstands any type of pressure exerted on the ipod. The small LED indicates the basic functionalities and it has tri-color display. This is slim and sleek to carry. It allows you to store around 500 songs in it. There is a circular control pad present on the ipod shuffle. This central control button is easy to handle though it lacks the scrolling facility. There is a built in clip which allows you to fix the ipod on your sleeve or pocket. The head phone jack is of high quality and you can hear crystal clear sounds. It exhibits even small sounds with a good clarity. There is a very good battery life of about 12 hours and there is an indicator to indicate you about the charge status. Green for good level and amber for medium and red indicates you have almost 0 lives on your battery.

It is available in four different colors like red, green, and blue, purple and there is another silver color available as well.

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