Apple Launched iPod Nano (5th Generation) 1.0.2 Update

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Apple has launched his newest version of iPod Nano, that is the fifth generation of iPod Nano. But unfortunately, there are several bugs that disturb your lovely iPod Nano works. Shocking hear this news, you do not to worry about that any more because Apple as soon as they realize this problem made a firmware update for the fifth generation iPod Nano.

The fifth generation iPod Nano have good enough features, like his 2,2 screen that make user easily to navigate, watch video or shoot a video. But, like I said before, there are bugs in his several parts that disturb iPod Nano’s work. The firmwar update that Apple made for the solution is help to patch the bugs.

In their release notes, Apple said that this software update fixes audio playback to allow Normal, Slower and even Faster setting to run for audio podcasts. Beside that, this 1.0.2 update also resolves the issue where the Genius Mixes were not working for iPod Nano user that using the Nike + IPod Sport Kit add-on. This fifth generation iPod Nano 1.0.2 update, is available via iTunes.

You can find your iPod Nano problem in iPod Nano (5th generation) Troubleshooting Assistant, here.

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