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Designed by the person who created Push Gmail, Ping is a cross between instant messaging and text messaging along with being fast and free of cost. It is an application exclusively for iPod Touch and iPhone users thereby being a free sms service for Iphone and IPod Touch users. The Ping iPod Touch application has been designed to appear like the SMS application and the messages sent appears instantly on the recipient’s screen which is similar to IM’s. The messages pop up through a Push Notification if the recipient is not actively using the device.

The Ping application for iPod touch and iPhone scores over normal sms in many areas such as it reduces the monthly costs for sms as the service allows free messages between Iphone and IPod touch users along with no roaming charges as Ping works all over the world which gives it an edge over other free sms application which allow free messages in only US and certain other countries. Ping also delivers messages instantly thereby avoiding the network congestion which hampers the delivery of the messages on time. The biggest advantage of using Ping is that while SMS only work with Iphone, Ping works IPod Touch (with Wi-Fi) as well thereby increasing the user base of Apple.

In comparison with IM services as well, Ping iPhone App scores over them. With the help of Ping, the user can stay connected all the time and receive messages at one place. Also one doesn’t need to send friend requests but just type in the friend’s id and start messaging immediately. Ping also supports offline messages as they are stored till the user is offline.

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Ping App for ipod touch is a very user friendly application which saves money and time. To start using Ping, one needs to create a Ping Id which acts as a unique identifier and then it can be used to send messages all over the world.

Ping! Features a plethora of new characteristics which include unregistering the Ping Id, fixed landscape keyboards with fixed occasional duplicate messages and notification settings icon. It also offers an in-app invitation email along with additional languages which include German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French.

Another advantage of using the Ping! Application is that it doesn’t incur extra charges from your network operator as it uses Wi-Fi/3G connection to send and receive messages and it is also advisable to get an unlimited data transfer package from your network operator.

Ping! is highly compatible with Mac OS 3.0 or later and works only in Iphone and IPod Touch Wi-Fi. The application is available on iTunes store for a meagre sum of ninety nine cents thereby making it a steal.
Ping! Has been created by Gary Fung who has created several useful applications for Iphone which include Memory Sweep, Smart Dial, Push Mail and several more. Check it out Here!

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