Apple iPad Shaking the Gadget Market

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The new gadget from Apple finally launched. Apple iPad was they called their brand new gadget. Apple iPad is new generation between laptop and smartphone. But, most of features in iPad are similar with iPhone. Don’t worry about it, because Apple also builded some new features in their brand new gadget, iPad.

As we heard, Apple iPad become phenomenal since this new gadget has been talked by lot of people before it’s launched. Lots of gadget experts and analysts made statement about the features and specifications that will be built by Apple inside this new generation of gadget. Some of them find little similar and the rest are none.

Apple iPad has large screen that make this new gadget different with other smartphones. Apple, the technology corporate that own innovative thinking of iPad born, offers six varieties of iPad which are sell at 499 USD till 829 USD. The iPad price is based on its storage size (16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB). Apple also offers two models choice, iPad with just WiFi connection or iPad with WiFi and 3G GSM connection.

Apple iPad will be the most phenomenal technology device on this early 2010. Because iPad comes with different technology of smartphone.

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