iDriver, iPhone Apps for Controlling Our Car

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Previously, iPhone application developers from German, made a new breakthrough by developed an application which can control your car. This is a great application, right? An application allows us to control our car only with our iPhone. This application called iDriver.

iDriver makes your iPhone into a remote control like. This application is able to connect your iPhone to the car user.  In a trial, the German developer of this application connects the iPhone with a van. The connecting had been equipped with Wi-Fi to connect. In addition vans are also equipped with a camera on the roof, to deliver live streaming video on the iPhone.


iDriver, as reported by the Telegraph, not yet commercialized. New developers are entering the trial stage. This information is known as the developer team of Appirion and Free University of Berlin Tempelhof airport do it in.

In this application there is also the gas and brakes that can navigate through the touch screen, which has the same function with remote control and connected to the car. As for the steering the work, users can also use motion-sensitive capabilities the iPhone. iDriver also claimed as the first car control application for iPhone. What do you think about this application?

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