iPod Touch App: Call of Atlantis

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There are a lot of game applications to launch at the app store each month. And, most of the games are the existing game that has been formerly produced for personal computer version or even an offline game. Let say, Plants Vs. Zombie, Where’s Wally, and Fishing Kings. And, now there has been created one game app that is firstly produced for PC, Call of Atlantis.

iPod Touch App: Call of Atlantis

Are you a huge fan of Call of Atlantis? Thus, you have to install the awesome game into your iPhone or iPod Touch by the time the game is available at the app store. The original release of the game was started in 2008. You have probably found the game is very attractive with the professional match-3 port. When you start of new city, the game will give you a mostly accurate mini-history lesson and each city has artifacts you must recover before obtaining the power crystal.

Call of Atlantis is a great game to play in which you could get surprising amount of strategy to finish each level of the game. Moreover, the controls are wonderfully smooth, but the battery drain could possibly break your concentration while you are playing. But, there is another important thing to take into your consideration before putting this game into your iPod. The new version of Call of Atlantis does not appear properly load for your iPod Touch and iPhone.

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