KissOnTheFly iPhone App Send Virtual Kisses Blowing on the Phone

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The iPhone is know to be a versatile device and Apps demonstrate that quirte everything is possible.

This KissOnTheFly iPhone appKissonTheFly iPhone app fall in this category to use the device in an unthinkable way:
The KissOnTheFly app send animated virtual postcards, but to actually send the message you have to blow on the iPhone’s microphone!
On the old iPod touch without the microphone, you can send the postcard double tapping the kiss on the screen.

What is the kind of postcard you can send it for just delivery a kiss ? More than 90 divided among genres such as:
Love, International, Zodiac, Tasty, Dark, Friendship, Apologies, Wish, Greetings, Wild ones.

The KissOnTheFly iPhone App costs only 0.99 USD and if you do not need to send the kiss postcards, the app it is worthwhile just to preview each of the animated postcards. Many of them are really funny, weird, unusual.

The graphics of the app is also unusual, because has romantic themes, but not such all the sweet stuff (and boring) usually found on the love themes.

Each postcard animation starts with the title and genre, then followed by a nice icon and the message, then an animation with music or sound effects capture the attention of the address to see the postcard and finally an animated kiss is stamped on the screen.

You can preview each kiss and when you found one that satisfy your needs send it throught many delivery methods:

– another iPhone equipped with the KissOnTheFly application
– a computer with email and a browser
– Facebook
– Twitter (Twitpic)
Рsave a postcard in your camera’s photo file for later revision (MMS, email attachment, etc.)

Select the address, write a short message, set the intensity of the kiss. You can send non romantic kisses to everyone with a little intensity or to your lover very romantic e-cards with extreme passion.

Inside the KissOnTheFly iPhone App you will also find the ‘Secret Kisses’ section, accessible only to those who activate it through a numerical code.

Look for signs and clues in the most popular social networks, in the blogs that review apps, here you have a hint of one of those secrets:
On a recent lost TV Show the characters type a number on a computer to save the world. Do that number inside the App to unlock one secret kiss.

The iPhone App is available in these languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian

Official site:
for more information about the App and there you can send some kiss postcards without the need to own an iPhone.

Download this iPhone App Here.

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