How to Download DVD Movies to iPod

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Downloading your DVDs to Ipod is the only solution for folks not wanting to pay the large download charges from some internet sites. What could possibly be better than having your whole DVD collection stored onto your miniscule Ipod so that you can watch it at your leisure? These tips will teach you to do exactly that. The 1st step is to get some software which will help. The software, called a ripper, will fundamentally be ripping the movie from the DVD and changing it into a format which can sometimes be employed by your Ipod. There are a number of programs on the market by makers like Imtoo and Xilisoft. Google search to discover additional information, and be certain to select software which is in a position to convert the files into MP4 format, which is what your video Ipod uses.

When you’ve got the suitable software, you want to follow the manufacturer’s directions to rip whatever movie you would like from a DVD. When you do this be certain to put it aside somewhere on your P. C that is simple to find, and remember to set the movie up correctly before you rip it-if you would like subtitles or whatever you’d better set them up! Now you have a ripped version of the movie on your P. C, you want to again use the ripping software to convert the movie into an mp4 format. Most frequently movies will rip as an AVI file, which definitely does not work with an Ipod, so that’s the reason why you want the converter. Now you have your selected movie in the correct format, you want to open Itunes and upload it.

The method for this differs dependent on what version of Itunes you now have, so it could be worth updating your Itunes and following the directions from there.

When you’ve pointed Itunes at whatever movie it is you need to put onto your Ipod, you can download it direct to the Ipod in the standard way and watch it at your leisure. There we are, ways to download a dvd to ipod in 4 straightforward steps! I’m hoping that was handy to you and will help you put your current movies onto your Ipod, and if you would like to be well placed to download free ipod movies, you can check the link at the base of this text.

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