Which iPod are you?

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The iPod world offers the people a lot of features which makes a person speechless. Not only the features, but also a list of variety of gadgets that are launched to suite the needs of different yearnings of the people.

The ipod comes with various models and holds individual and also unique features that make it stand majestically amidst the various other products available in the market.

There are various types of iPods like the ipod nano, ipod classic, iPod shuffle and the iPod touch. Each model has its own unique features and makes a land mark in the world of music. The ipod models vary in features like the storage, size, color, songs, navigation, battery life, connectivity, ports, display, wireless data, and charge time, also audio, video and photo support and along with the weight and the included accessories.

One of the ipod models is best in its tiny size, one is known for its storage size, and the other is known for the sleek and slender design, the entertainment, music libraries, voice over feature and the capacity. So there is a wide range of iPod collections and it is up to the user to select the desired model based on their individual needs.

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