The Top 5 Apple Electrical Products

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What are the Top Apple Gadgets?

Apple has seen an unprecedented explosion in popularity over the last 5 years, which has been down to some amazingly attractive, desirable and innovative products. They have had a number of success stories over the last 5 years, which products selling in the millions all over the world. Apple has recently announced record profits, making them the most profitable company in the world, let alone just in the field of electrical components and gadgets. Here are the top 5 products that Apple has made over the last 5 years.

5. Mac Pro – This is the flagship PC, sporting a highly customisable spec and some of the most premium parts and electrical components in the industry. It’s a pricey machine but it is for people who want the best of the best. Highly suited for powerful professional applications such as web design and video editing, these machines are highly attractive and hugely powerful.

4. MacBook Air – The MacBook air epitomises style and sleek performance. It comes in a compact package, with options of an 11.1” screen or 13.3” and it is extremely thin. The new Air also has a powerful processor and high spec considering the size of the machine. This is great for people on the go and users who do not need powerful applications, but want an attractive laptop.

3. iPad – The iPad was introduced only last year and sales around the world have been strong. The gadget is a form of tablet PC, catering to entertainment and gaming users who are looking for a good past-time. The screen is a nice size and the machine is light and sleek. There are no electrical switches to be seen and the App Store allows you to customise what is on the tablet.

2. iPod – This was the revolutionary MP3 player that was able to store a large quantity of music on a hard drive, opposed to the other MP3 players that were using flash memory at the time. The iPod became the quintessential music player for trendy people and music lovers. Sales are still strong and the iPod range has diversified to have a touch screen now.

1. iPhone – The iPhone revolutionised the smart phone market and a huge market has come around this product in terms of accessories such as cable ties, stands and covers. The iPhone has the App Store allowing you to download from a range of over 200,000 applications. This has truly changed the way people use their mobile and mobile internet use has exploded subsequently.

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