Best iPod Touch Games

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Best iPod Games List

The iPod Touch has become an increasingly fun tool to pass the time away with, as games have gotten better and better since its release. This year a diverse amount of games are available, and we’re going to go through which ones will give you the most bang for your buck. Prepare yourself for the list of the best iPod Touch games!

Our Review of Best iTouch Games

The first game that has really caught our eye is Asphalt 4.
Asphalt 4 - one of best ipod games

This one of best ipod games isn’t your typical racing game. It comes with a wide variety of cars to race. You can choose to race Ferrari, Bugattis, and many others, which brings a whole new level to the iPod Touch racing game genre. All the races take place in urban environments and it really feels like you’re racing inside a city!

The second game on our list of Best iPod Games is for all of you fishing fanatics out there. This one’s called “Flick Fishing” and is one of the better fishing games we’ve ever seen, not only for the iPod Touch but out of every hand-held fishing game to date!
Flick Fishing - one of best itouch games

You can cast the line by utilizing the iPod Touch’s motion sensor and flicking your wrist, so it actually simulates casting a real fishing line. There are a ton of different fishing locations to choose from within the game, and you can even test your fishing skills, tournament style!

The third game for our pick of the best iTouch games is aptly named “Topple 2.”
Topple 2 - one of best ipod touch games

The objective of the game is to stack different shapes together in order to form complete lines, much like Tetris, however this game has a revolutionary real physics engine so you have to have a steady hand in order to get the pieces to fit together properly.

The final game in our list of best iTouch Games is “Aero Guitar Ex.”
Aero Guitar Ex iPod Games

For those of you who have already played the widely popular Guitar Hero series of games, this one is very similar. However, the iPod Touch gives a whole new meaning to the term “Air Guitar” since you’ll nothing other than your iPod Touch to rock out!

Well, these have been our top picks of Best iPod Touch Games. Most of these games for ipod touch can be found on the official apple website under their iPod Touch section. We urge you to give them a try, don’t just take our word for it! Please check next link to get fresh updated of Top Free iPod Touch Games from iTunes Apps store.

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