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If you are not a morning person, you most probably need “something” to wake you up. And if this “something” is just a regular alarm clock, most probably you will get back to sleep right away. Thus, if you are facing this issue every single day, there is not wonder that you still want to get the best possible alarm clock, which can finally help you to wake up on time. These days, the best possible alarm clock that you can find is the Alarm Clock Pro iPhone application. A truly great thing about the Alarm Clock Pro is the fact that it can help you to never be late for work again. And this is because it comes along with numerous settings and features that promise to chase your sleep away for the rest of the day.

The Most Important Features: Reasons to Get the Alarm Clock Pro

If you consider that the Alarm Clock Pro is just another ordinary alarm that cannot disturb your deep sleep, you should think again. This application should be used together with iPhone dock, being able to support as well the landscape mode. Moreover, some of its features separate it from the rest of alarm clocks that exist on the market these days. The most important features are as it follows:

  • 24-hour time format
  • Digital digit display
  • Flashing display for seconds and current day
  • It can be also used as a desk clock when docked
  • Numerous setting, which can ensure different “getting-up” experiences

The settings of this application allow you to set up the frequency of the alarm, a specific sound and snooze options. Moreover, it is essential to know that the application comes embedded with 7 preset sounds, which include School Bell, Old Clock, High Tone, Digital Electronic, Cuckoo, and Classic. However, you can also choose any songs from the phone library so that you can wake up on your favorite music tones. You can even use different favorite songs to create your own wake-up playlist. The last option is definitely really great, isn’t it?  

A Few More Interesting Aspects That You Should Know

As soon as your alarm starts ringing, two buttons appear on the screen. One of them allows you to stop the alarm while the other one permits you to snooze it for 5 or 10 minutes. Moreover, the Alarm Clock Pro includes some gestures, such as two-finger slide, which can help you to adjust the brightness of the screen, and shaking of the device that helps you to discover a hidden flashlight.

Additionally, you can use some other functions, which allow you to change the color of the alarm clock’s display in red, pink, orange, green and cyan. As well, you can select to see or hide the current day and seconds counter.

A Few Conclusive Words

Summing all these things up, you can see that the Alarm Clock Pro is a truly great and useful application. Moreover, it is able not only to wake you up but also to convince you to get up from the bed. Definitely, the rest is up to you. And although many people do not consider this application as ideal, you can give it a try and see whether it is for you or not. 

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