iPhone Coupon Apps Every Shopper Should Have

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iPhone Coupon Apps Every Shopper Should Have

Frugal shopping is a must in today’s economy. With so many deals and specials enticing shoppers, this is not a hard feat. However, sometimes we need a little help to find the best deals on the things we use every day. Thanks to technology, that is as simple as picking up your phone. The iPhone has many uses and now it can save you money. With the increasing popularity of coupon use, new coupon apps are popping into the app store daily. Here are a few coupon apps no shopper should be without.


There is no doubt when attempting to shop frugally you have to stick to the items you need and overlook the unnecessary items you want. That is why a shopping list is so important. However many of us write a list and forget it at home when we leave for the store. One item we always have on us is our phone. Therefore Shopper is the perfect app for those who want to create a list and remember to bring it.

Shopper is a shopping list app that comes with many helpful features. Along with keeping your list in order, Shopper also allows multiple lists for different products or stores. It will also add prices and quantities, track your coupons, and even calculate sales tax. Though the app is priced at $1.99, the money it will help you save will pay for itself.

Coupon Sherpa

This app is full of savings, literally. Coupon Sherpa searches the internet for coupons to your favorite stores that you add to the app. After finding the coupons, it displays the savings and includes a barcode that is able to be scanned at the register.

Coupon Sherpa also allows you to send coupons to your friends. Currently Coupon Sherpa is free to download and install, so the savings are there from the start. Now you can leave your coupon books at home and enjoy the freedom of saving through technology.


This small app saves you money without asking it to. MobiQpons finds coupons for stores and restaurants in your area and sends them to you instantly. It too includes a barcode that can be scanned at the register for you to take advantage of the savings.

There are mixed reviews about this app, however, for free it is a good app to try. Most of the larger cities will have more coupons available than those living in rural towns. But again, you can’t beat the free price.

Mobile Coupons for iPhone

 Much like mobiQpons, this app is full of savings. It offers coupons for nearly everything you are shopping for. Once you launch the app it immediately searches for coupons available in your area. You can browse through the categories or search by keyword to find savings on what you are shopping for. Created by mobilecoupons.com, the app is constantly updated, so if you can’t find deals in your area, try again later and see what comes up.

The days of coupon clipping and searching through inserts are over. Technology is catching up with the shopping habits of everyday buyers. If you are looking for ways to stretch your dollars without spending hours cutting coupons, make your iPhone do the work for you.

Mary Blanchard, as a freelance writer and couponer, provides advice on some of the best deal sites in the UK. One site she recommends in particular is couponcroc.co.uk, check them out to see why.

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