Journey into the depths of the Subway

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We’ve all played some sort of shoot-em-up, space adventure type game at some point in our lives, right?  Well that’s just what Chillingo and Kinelco have brought us; except with a twist.  This 2D aircraft shooting game takes place in the depths of a subway station.  Not what you expected?  Down in the subway, you are basically a spray can aircraft. You have to fire at the incoming enemies, who may I say, have some unique forms. When the level is first shown, it displays a paint can, which instantly transforms into an aircraft. There are two different methods to controlling your ship, which can be changed via the options menu. The default setting is tilt control which utilizes the accelerometer. You use it by holding your iDevice parallel to the ground and tilting up and down, left and right. I find the tilting method rather shakey and hard to use in the games environment, which is why I prefer the touch method. You can touch anywhere on the screen (preferably on or behind the ship) and move your finger in the direction desired.You have three difficulties to choose from before starting: Easy, Hard, and Impossible. Your aircraft is always shooting; you have unlimited ammo. It shoots out globs of paint at the incoming enemies, who all have odd and distinct forms, ranging from a gas-mask to a helicopter cat.


The graphics in the game are amazing. They are nearly perfect. The cut-scenes provide beautiful, stunning 3D graphics. The gameplay graphics are also lovely. When you kill an enemy, a cool paint splatter effect is left where the enemy once was. You’ll even like when you die, due to the amazing starburst effect engulfing your aircraft.I don’t think I can say even one bad thing about these graphics. They are bold, silly, fun, brash, and whatever else is good in the world.

The audio in this game vaguely fits it’s style. It’s got a rich hip-hop beat playing on the menu screens, with each button tap triggering the sound of someone scratching a record. In the background you can hear the generic sounds of a subway station, with people yelling, feet pattering, doors opening, subways taking off, and all that jazz. These sound effects are slightly mediocre, and don’t make you feel like you’re actually there.The sound quality of the subway effects could be improved upon a bit, but it’s nothing big.

This game is pretty fun, and I can see myself playing it in the future, but maybe not that far into the future. With only 12 levels, the game can and will get repetitive, but the graphics and sound will most likely keep you going. I can also see this game getting major updates in the future, adding levels, power-ups, and maybe some other goodies. Although Underground has it’s ups and it has it’s downs like most apps. The controls are shoddy, and the gameplay has some weak points, but overall, I like this game, and I would recommend it to most people.

You can download Underground from here

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