MotionX GPS – iPhone Application for Your Adventure Journey

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Are you an adventure boy? If you are, you must like to take hiking, biking, skiing, walking, running, flying, racing and Geocaching or sailing. That is great and challenging if we can track our position when we do one of our adventuring hobbies. So we can measure our distance, speed and even record our adventuring time. Not only that, you also can snap your adventuring picture with your iPhone camera, posting and sharing it along your adventuring journey. How it can be?
It is an easy matter, if you have an iPhone. You just install this sporty and outdoor iPhone application, called “MotionX GPS.” This application can be installed in iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. You can save about 303 personal waypoints for your favorite and unforgettable locations, like high land, mountain or your lovely house and your favorite restaurant. You also can view the coordinates of your Waypoints in UTM, DMS, DM or D format.
Like I said before, you can record your time, distance, max speed and take your adventuring activity with MotionX GPS. Beside that, you able to navigate your adventure journey with this iPhone application features, Live Navigation. You can visualize your way while navigating to a waypoint that you had established before. You can get this fierce application here.

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