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I love gaming, though I’m not telling you that I’m a good gamer. I’d love to install as many as good game apps into my devices to help me enjoy my spare times or let me kill the time in the midst of waiting for someone. Are you a kind of person like me? Some of you maybe even a freak gamer that adores PlayStation, XBox, or other game consoles. I’m not a kind of that gamer. i just love to play a game for fun. And, one of my favorite games is Spore Origin game app for iPod Touch.

Spore Origins iPod

Spore Origins is actually a simple game to play. You are requested to create a complex animal by evolving it from single-celled organisms. You will get 18 levels to play. All of those levels are the chronicles evolution of a micro-organism which is started from a cellular creature. You can use the click-wheel to navigate, while your first objective to win the game is just to survive and devour lesser creatures and make all of them to grow into larger creature.

Are you wondering if it is much interesting to play the Spore origins? You have to try it and find the fun session in the game. Some of its players find Spore Origins is a natural on iPod. There are some features created incredibly to support your chance to level up.

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