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There are a lot of applications for your iPod Touch, to make you more comfortable while relaxing or working. But I find these two applications come in handy and easy to use.

1. Stanza (E-Book Reader)

You don’t need to go to the library or bookstores to see catalogs and read books. Simply by adding Stanza into your iPod, you can have access to the catalogs and free e-book sources. However, you need downloading while online.

You can adjust the screen, the font size, or the effects and tapping functions. Just download the free e-book from the catalog in the Get Books tab and enjoy it anywhere, although you’re not connected. Stanza Desktop application is also available for PC and Mac, so you can transfer your e-books from your computer.

stanza ipod

2. Reqall, version 3.1.2

You can add, edit, or access your notes with this application, but to edit them you have to sync it first. You can store your notes, edit them later and then finish them. If you have external iPod Touch microphone, you can also add your notes by voice. How cool is that! This application also has a great search function that will find any notes you’ve saved in your account before.

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