iPhone and iPod Touch Ebooks From TidBITS

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iPhone and iPod Touch Ebooks

iPhone and iPod Touch Ebooks

Here is a cheerful news for iPhone and iPod Touch user that want to get more utilities from their lovely iPod Touch. TidBITS has wrote two ebooks about iPod Touch basic information, he called his ebook with “Take Control” ebooks. Why he wrote those ebooks? Because Jeff Carlson want to help and teach the iPhone and iPod Touch users. Actually, he has been wanted to launch these ebooks as soon as Apple launch iPhone OS 3 and iPhone 3GS. These Take Control ebooks are:

1. Take Control of Your iPhone Apps

In this ebook, Jeff Carlson, the TidBITS Managing Editor, wrote about iPhone app basics and give you several clever tips based on his experience while he using iPhone for his work. The iPhone basic apps are, Camera, Calendar, Compass, Contaact, iPod, mail, Maps, Messages, Phone, Photo, Remote and Safari. And of course for iPod Touch user, Video apps. This ebooks contains 122 page and sold at $10.

2. Take Control of iPhone OS 3

This ebook written by Ted Landau, The Troubleshooting Guru. In this ebook, he explain about operating system and hardware that installed in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Ted Landau make you clear about so many difficult topics, like backups, batteries, Bluetooth, managing third-party apps, root access, jailbreaking, networking, root access, security, syncing, Location Services, tethering, SIM cards and other. This ebook contains 202 pages and sold at $15.

These iPhone and iPod Touch ebooks may help you to make your iPhone or iPod Touch play and run better.

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