Music Power Encore, Portable your iPod Charger

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If you frequently travel with a wide range of portable devices, would be very inconvenient when on the way we run out of battery and with very compelled that we can not charge the battery because of confused looking for a place charging the battery. This is seen by the producers to produce various kinds of portable devices that charge is considered as very promising business opportunities due to the rapid development of mobile phones, including the iPod.

Seeing this, the Power Line as a leading vendor in the field of power supply adapter launched a product that is named Music Power Encore. Music Power Encore serves as an energy charger (charger) battery of your portable devices. Equipped with 2 port battery charger and Lithium-Polymer 3.7V is very easy to use.

Music Power Encore iPod Charger

How to use it is very easy. Before you travel, you simply charge the battery on Music Power Encore by connecting it with the AC power. At the front of the device have indicator lights to indicate charging status. You simply press the black button on the front, then the indicator light will illuminate. If a red color battery status below 10%, Yellow (10-30%), and green (30-100%). Music Power Encore can charge the battery in portable devices like the iPod (3rd generation, mini, shuffle, nano, video, iPhone), Sansa, Zune, Palm Treo, Blackberry. Some devices require an optional USB power cable special. One example of such as the Nokia, needed booster to increase the voltage on the standard USB power cable. We have tested the Nokia 6120c, Music Power Encore and USB power cable Innergie production and the result can be filled with good. Charging time of each device is not the same. Depending on the type and type of battery used.

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